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 I'm going to try and put up some maps of past Walking Dead filming locations.


 Click Here to see all locations on Google Map


Big Spot Season 4 in Griffin GA

Big Spot Map

Big Spot


Public Works Building in Griffin GA

Public Works map

Public Works Scenepublic works fence

Message Barn Map

message barn map

message barn scene


WaterFord In Griffin GA Map

WaterFord Map




The Church is at 2325 LUTHER BAILEY RD in Senioa GA. 




The Arena in Newnan. 



Governor's Apt Scene 

Governors apt scene


Silos in in Haralson GA 





WareHouse in Ep. 15 Season 4. 



Yellow Jacket Creek Bridge. It is off of Blanton Mill Rd on Line Creek Rd.

Yellow Jacket Creek Bridge




Click Here to see all locations from Google Maps.

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